Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ski Day

Yesterday we went up to the Hoodoo ski resort. It was a TON of fun. Check out my moms blog for the pics.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I pride myself in being a FREQUENT blogger, thank you very much. As most members of the Ward know, I am a social butterflie. I would just like to thank all my fans....etc.


As the new year approaches, I have found that all the PREVIOUS Deacons namely: Hyrum,Zach,Dakota,Jordan, and Justin will all be leaving our Quorum one way or another. All of them are already teachers except Zach and Justin. Zach will be joining them soon but Justin still has some time on his hands. Yet, rumor has that, for Justin's family, moving is eminent. So he should be leaving soon. That just leaves everyone in the Presidency plus one more left to bring the total down to only 5 members. :( .

New DC Presidency

I am very desperate for something to blog about, so I will name the Oak Creek Ward DC Presidency.

  1. Pres. Preston Parmenter
  2. 1st Counselor Jared Willhite
  3. 2nd Counselor Brady Parmenter ( that's me!)
  4. Secretary Reed Farrar

Monday, December 22, 2008

I wonder...

I wonder how Bishop Higgins gets so much stuff on his blog. I think I should start thinking like him! I could report weird things going on in the Deacons Quorum( or when you are in it, like me, :p you would refer to it as DC ) but I know we are out of the acronym age but if you are still living in the 90's you know what I am talking about. Last Sunday, Pres. Carlilse ( please get back to me if I get the name wrong, and I apologise if I do) was amazed by my "skills to recognize his art work". I think he is giving me too much credit. I think he is the best Stake Pres. EVER. At least until Pres. Wiest gets promoted! :-) I will report next Sunday, at the latest, and give up my DC scoop. BTW ( more acronyms: By The Way. Of witch I think John Bytheway is very um... "fond" of. My mom, Alison Parmenter is the greatest mom anyone could ever ask for and I just want to recognize that. I am thankful for her in sooooo many ways. It will be hard for me to ever repay her, let alone name the millions of things that she does for me. She does not get enough credit for what she does. I love her. And my dad too of course. They do a great job of raising us in the gospel.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thank you Joel!

I wanted to be the first to thank Joel for the awesome snow days this last week. It looks like the fun is over, what with this terrible rain outside. Our town has NEVER had snow before Christmas, but some times you need a little change. Let me tell you, that is a change I like. Reed Farrar has mastered the art on snowboarding on a sled.....and crashing. Man was that funny!

Quite the contrary!

I love the Albany school district, letting us out of school for 1 inch of snow.MAX. Now I know my mom disagrees with that-on a rgular occasion- but, lucky for her we were ouside the whole day. We meaning my brothers and friends. In case you were wondering.

You have got to be kidding me

The cougars played a terrible game last night-for those people who watched, the true fans-31-21...wildcats. As you can see from my page I am a diehard fan.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I dont know about you but i am going to watch the the Las Vegas bowl today. BYU vs. Arizona. LETS GO COUGARS!!!